Service espresso equipment

Excellent Barista customer service

There are many choices to brew great coffee drinks. But what's the best for your situation and budget? CasaBarista is a perfect source for advise. We've a team of over 15 Barista's who are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association Europe (SCAE). We know a bit about coffee, espresso equipment, tools and skills. And work every day with espresso machines. So feel free to contact us for your best espresso set-up!


All espresso equipment include 2-years full warranty on parts and repair works.

Technical Service Department

CasaBarista has a dedicated Technical Service Department for repair and maintenance of espresso euipment. In case of problems you can rely on our technical advise, service or repairs. Besides, we work closely with espresso producers in Italy and Spain; improving machines to get even better. And have access to over 100 years of espresso coffee history and knowledge.

Free Barista coffee handbook

After purchase of your new espresso equipment, it's great to get started right away. We've written a free handbook for our customers. A usefull help for setting up your equipment, the first use, how to brew fresh coffee drinks, froth milk for cappuccino and do the essential maintenance.

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